A school in Sant Gervasi

An active school in Sant Gervasi district

At Nausica, we like to be an active part of the Sant Gervasi neighborhood. We like to enjoy it on a day to day basis. This way, we get children to get to know and become familiar with their environment. In addition, being an active part of the neighborhood encourages children to learn to be independent and responsible in a safe environment.

Activities beyond the classroom. For example:

Swimming classes. Swimming lessons are held at the Santaló Pools. We make the journey on foot as it is only five minutes from the school. This fact is positive for children given that apart from knowing the neighborhood and the environment of the school, they begin to be aware of the outside world and how to act around it.

Green areas of Sant Gervasi. In Nausica we take advantage of the green areas of our district. One of the most visited areas is Moragas Park, located two blocks from the school. For this reason, it is one of the most common recreational areas for older children. Sometimes we move to Turó Park, a cozy place rich in species and tree specimens that help us to get closer and get to know the environment more directly. The Monterols Park. Boys and girls can relax and enjoy the spaces to the fullest.

Galvany Market. Usual place where we go with the students to carry out different activities during the school year. All kinds of food are sold at the Galvany Market. Km0 food, of good quality and ecological with personalized attention by shopkeepers. Thanks to the activities we carry out in this environment, children become familiar with daily actions such as shopping, getting to know the products, learning to relate to outsiders, etc.

Casa Sagnier. Casa Sagnier is the youth municipal place of reference in the district of Sarrià – Sant Gervasi where exhibitions and various workshops are organized. However, Sant Gervasi – Galvany has always been the neighborhood of the school; the place where it was born, in a small building on Tavern Street, and in the place where it continues today to carry out its activity.

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