Pedagogical project

The child is the center of the school’s pedagogical project. The protagonist of his learning process and personal growth. For this reason, our school works in an inclusive way and starting from individuality. This is how personal autonomy, responsibility, an interest in learning and the way of living and committing to the world are developed.

The pedagogical project of Nausica is based on developing the abilities and competencies of the students. We work with a range of educational methodologies adapted through creativity, cooperative work and the emotional education of children. This contributes to their growth and evolution as a person, both individually and socially, in a plural and changing world.

To summarize our pedagogical project we decided to create a cube, a regular polyhedron. Each face of the unassembled cube is a feature that reflects the school’s education. The introduction of all the actions makes possible the growth and conscious development of our students forming the cube.

In this way, children and adolescents will be responsible for their own learning process and skills. To be able to have a direct impact on aspects that allow them to become competent people.

Small-Older – English – Sustainability – Participation – Health and well-being – Learning outside

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