School canteen

(The school offers all students a canteen service run by the company “Cuinem per a escolars Enric Piquer”.)

Nausica offers all students a school canteen service with home-cooked cuisine. The kitchen management is the responsibility of the company Cuinem per a Escolars Enric Piquer, which works for the school. Thus, the chefs work daily in the kitchen on the ground floor of the school and prepare menus adapted for the various educational stages, from Nursery school to sixth grade. In addition, these professionals, in coordination with the school, also take into account the possible intolerances, allergies and specific diets that may occur among students, so that they guarantee a healthy and rigorous diet. The menus that are prepared take into account the use of natural and seasonal products with traditional safe cooking processes, healthy cooking and the preparation of balanced and local menus with proximity ingredients.

Lunch time is closely linked to the leisure time available to children at noon. At this time, the teachers of the school receive the help of a group of monitors, who accompany the children during the meal and during leisure time, always creating a safe space.

Nursery and P3 children have lunch and then take a nap until 3 p.m. Children from P4 onwards eat in different spaces and, before or after the meal, have play time. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the students of each course have lunch in their class respecting the bubble group. They also have fun with the same classmates in different spaces.

The spaces we have at the moment are the school classrooms and courtyards, the Moragas Park and the Turó Park and Tavern.

Lunch time

The school understands the lunch area as an important element in the educational stage of children, both for the need for students to have a good diet and for them to acquire good habits during meals and leisure time. To do this, the director of the center holds several meetings during the course with the company that manages the dining room and with the people who take care of the children in this space. In this way, participation is encouraged and the good functioning of the school is monitored, while improvements proposed by the families, the teaching staff, the monitoring or by the students themselves are thought about.

The school offers various extracurricular activities for those children or families who wish, thus expanding the educational offer of lunch.

On our YouTube channel you can see recipes from the chefs in charge of the school canteen.

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