Nursery school

Nausica’s Nursery School in the Sant Gervasi district is a family-friendly and welcoming space for children 0 to 3 years old. From the nursery we provide children with meaningful experiences that promote development and learning according to the individual needs of each individual. At the same time, it is a first experience of socialization for both families and children.

To us, the family bond is important in all the stages that the school offers. Especially in the nursery. Throughout the school year, fluid communication is established between the family and the educational team. In this way, there is continuous feedback on the different educational and personal issues that affect the growth of their children. From the school we try to make children find their place. And in order to achieve this, we base our methodology and Educational Project on the needs children may have.

And what is our Educational Project?
At Nausica we are committed to the educational philosophy “Inspiring people”, a pedagogical project that we follow in all school stages, from the youngest to the oldest students in school. This is based on project-based learning, experiential and inclusive, of a social nature and where emotions play a fundamental part. The student is considered the center of all learning, taking into account individual differences and interests. In addition, in the nursery we are based on different pedagogical references, we take the best of each of them and adapt it to the children and to the essence of the school.

“A school should be a place for all children, not based on the idea that everyone is the same, but everyone is different.”

– Loris Malaguzzi

From the Nursery School we believe that distribution and organization are of great importance in the learning process of children. The spaces of the nursery schools in Barcelona are designed to create a safe and welcoming environment. That allows children to develop their affective, motor, social and cognitive abilities. Respecting the evolutionary process of each child, their way of being themselves and doing, their autonomy and their individual needs.

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