Primary Education

The main goal of Nausica School in the Primary Education stage is for boys and girls to be the main protagonists of their progress and learning in the path of education.

Our goal as a school is to accommodate students with all their needs: academic, emotional, physical and creative. And to develop to the maximum each one of their skills.

The years spent in Primary are very significant for the children’s individual and collective growth. It is the time when children acquire both work habits, values ​​and academic and personal standards. They learn to manage their emotions and empathize with others.

All stages, from 1st to 6th, have an individual workspace. Interaction and cooperative work between classes and stages is present. The mix between students of different ages creates a very enriching individual and collective learning area.

At Nausica we not only have to bear in mind to learn to read, write, know how to solve a mathematical problem, etc., we also work on emotional, environmental and sustainable education, solidarity actions, the responsible use of technologies, good research and information management, etc. We are constantly working to ensure that the school’s education is a comprehensive education where the child is the center and engine.

What do we want Primary School students to learn at Nausica?

That students work and reinforce on communicative competences in all three languages. From reading and reading comprehension, the ability to express themselves orally, to writing and producing texts.
To let creativity drive development in all areas.
That children work with reason and as a daily habit in the mathematical and scientific-technological field.
That students are able to use their knowledge, skills and resources in the appropriate contexts based on meaningful learning where project-based cooperative work is the focus of our educational process.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can have to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

At Nausica School we use different educational methodologies to work with a global vision to help students evolve during their school years both personally and academically. Where we place special emphasis on English learning and comprehensive education.

Students at this stage are in the process of receiving, knowing, acquiring, etc., all kinds of knowledge and reinforce, improve and work the ones they already have. For this reason, in Primary Education, we strengthen the confidence of our students and make them part of their own learning process. Therefore, we want each student to work on their evolution and to know how to use personal and academic resources.

Learning methodologies

Active and interactive classes with new technologies (ICT).
Individual and cooperative work.
Vocabulary acquisition through BITS, songs and games in all three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.
Shared learning and adapted to the different learning rhythms of the students.
Experimentation and manipulation in the mathematical and scientific-technological fields to develop interest.

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