Experiential school

Experiential learning is about taking the way life teaches you into the classroom, into the school. Nausica is an experiential school. Teachers raise situations where students have to deal with problems, make decisions, take responsibility and cooperate in groups, etc.

The goal of being an experiential school is to bring Life’s school to life in school. The activities, workshops, projects, etc. done in school require continuous assessment. It is as important to assess goals as it is to assess the process. In the assessments, students must play an active and leading role. Learning to reflect, together with teachers, on learning mechanisms and carrying out a self-assessment. Being fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses that may have arisen during that time. In our search for experiential learning, we want all the people who are part of the project to get a fulfilling experience, get involved and face their needs, weaknesses, etc. while reinforcing their strengths.

In the active and experiential education of Nausica, the use of textbooks has the same capacity as the realization of different projects that manage to turn the contents into an experience. That is why we encourage the creation of our own teaching material adapted to the needs of students. A material in which students are part of their creation by participating and by making proposals and showing their concerns.

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