Creative school

School creativity

Being a creative school has the mission to encourage creativity and the development of the talent of students of all stages. From the Nursery to high school. Nausica allows students to develop their own skills. This way, they are the center of their learning and at the same time prepare for changing and new ideas that may arise both in the world around them and in themselves.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” , Albert Einstein

To be curious, to stimulate imagination, to have restlessness, to understand the causes of the problem, to learn to face daily challenges, etc. To encourage creativity in the classroom among boys and girls, it is necessary to create an appropriate environment where they are really motivated. Working in all possible areas so that each student finds the point where they feel most comfortable. And so, take advantage and exploit the talent in a personalized way. Everyone has the opportunity to strengthen their creative and sensitive strengths.

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