Multilingual school

Language is the pillar on which all school learning is based. Therefore, it is essential that their acquisition in school is progressive and solid. Multilingual communication is essential in everyday life.

Due to the increase in cultural, occupational and social exchanges between countries around the world, the mastering of one or more foreign languages ​​is crucial for the future of students. For this reason, at school we place a lot of importance on studying English.

Catalan language

Catalan is the first language of the school and is worked on as such and as a vehicle. Learning to read and write is done naturally and respecting the natural rhythm of each child in the school. To work on this, it is not only done through specific exercises, but is included in various experiences of students in the classroom. This way, learning in school becomes significant. To move towards good speech, praxis is performed to achieve good diction and oral expression. When students already have a certain command of oral language, a more specific process of reading and writing begins. To arrive at the interpretation and reproduction of texts until acquiring fluidity in all dimensions.

Spanish language

Spanish language is worked on in the classroom as an important subject in all its dimensions. Physical Education is taught in Spanish in all classes of the school. Ensuring that students whose first language is Catalan can communicate more fluently in various contexts. Also, students whose first language is Spanish should keep it and practice it at school.

English language

At Nausica, apart from Catalan and Spanish, we want children to also become familiar with English from early on. That is why at school we consider different spaces where children have contact with the English language through different activities. Each day students have an English session, either with the teacher or the native conversation assistant. In addition, Arts & Crafts is done in English. In this sense, the coordination between our school and our secondary school, Els Arcs, facilitates a good continuity in learning the English language, as well as a good learning of the French language in ESO (Secondary Education).

Languages ​​are the most precious part of different cultures and of our school, and they must be taken care of and respected. The more you know, the easier it is to learn new ones. At our school, everyone is welcome, no matter where they come from or the language they speak.

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