Why choose Nausica?

Nausica is one of the best charter schools in Barcelona with its own values ​​and characteristics. With a special and different way of understanding education and people with a wide educational offer. At Nausica we all have a name, we know and respect each other, and we are all part of our educational community.

Personalized attention: We establish a daily and close bond of mutual work between families and the educational community.

Multilingual communication: At Nausica we integrate English on an everyday basis.

Pedagogical project: Creative, innovative and where children grow academically and personally.

School with services: Home cooking, school stays, diversity of extracurricular activities, etc.

A neighborhood school: Integrated into the environment and participatory with entities and people.

An excellent choice if you are looking for one of the best schools in Barcelona.

Nausica is a small, large school that will help children and teenagers feel at home while learning in both educational and personal areas. Being one of the best schools to create a good competency profile.

If you choose Nausica, you will find much more than just a school!

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