The School

Escola Nausica is a charter school with more than 80 years of experience in the field of education. Escola Nausica is a school in Barcelona, located in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi.

Thanks to the school’s educational trajectory and our Educational project, we have achieved the recognition of neighbors, institutions and nearby entities. In 2012 we received the Medal of Honor of Barcelona.

Nausica’s project goes far beyond the walls of the school. Since its inception, there has been a firm commitment to be involved in initiatives in the neighborhood, the district and the city of Barcelona.

The school is defined as a chartered, friendly, creative, with a diversity of methodologies, etc. where we educate in values and we communicate with each other in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Our educational proposal understands diversity as an enriching element, enhancing the globality of learning by working through different environments, projects, motivating spaces where stories, books, playing… are all part of the daily life of the school, and always respecting the different learning rhythms of the students.

The school’s educational team (staff) accompanies and guides the comprehensive development of girls and boys and the academic preparation goes hand in hand with humanist education, promoting values ​​such as respect, autonomy, responsibility and critical spirit.

Complete educational pathway (1 year – 18 years)

Nausica is a school located in the city of Barcelona. It offers a complete educational itinerary from the youngest stage, the Nursery, to 4th ESO (10th grade), at our Secondary school, Els Arcs.

Afterwards, you have the possibility of completing the Batxillerat (Upper Secondary Education) or training cycles (VET – Vocational Education and Training, or the HNC – Certificate of Higher Education) at the CIC Cultural Institute. The results of the PAU (University Entrance Exams) of the students, year after year, are excellent.

Nausica offers you a global academic journey. With full pedagogical coherence making sure to fully educate students of all ages.

Choosing Nausica is a great option!

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