Summer camp

(Nausica offers activities during the holidays with camps open to the neighborhood.)

Enjoy the summer camp at Nausica!

What do we mean by Summer camp at Nausica? In Nausica we refer to Casalet when we talk about the camp that children of our nursery school make. This educational offer is offered to families during the first three weeks of July and is carried out by all the educators that children have had during the school year, because they take turns doing school training. Students can sign up for each week and the activities are varied and focused on the summer.

The school also offers families the opportunity to enroll their sons and daughters in the summer camp. During the holiday period, Nausica opens its summer camp in the neighborhood for early childhood and primary school students (from 3 to 10 years old). During the school holidays, different activities will be carried out in different safe and trusted spaces. In these spaces, boys and girls will enjoy playing and having fun with more classmates.

During the last week of June, three weeks in July and the first week of September, two summer camps are held in Nausica. One of them after the end of the school year, between a part of June and the month of July. The other, when the school year is about to begin in September.

That’s why at Nausica we offer the chance to sign up for each week!

The Summer camp is organized by the school’s PTA, and carried out by an external company. Lunch is still the same home cooking as always with the same kitchen staff!

During these weeks, children will do different types of activities depending on their age and how the week is planned. In all camps, there are water games, leisure activities, arts and craft, and outings in the neighborhood. We enjoy the summer!

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