Health care

(The school has a policy with the Generali mutual society that attends to accidents that occur both at school and during cultural outings, excursions and camps.)

The school has trained first aid staff. This way, we can provide a quick response to minor health needs and minor accidents. We have a policy with the Generali mutual society that takes care of accidents that occur both at school and on outings, outdoor classes, excursions and camps.

This insurance, however, does not cover common illnesses or accidents that are outside the school’s activities. There is impeccable and very efficient medical care for accidents and / or incidents that can happen inside the school or when we are on an outing.

Third key-stage (5th and 6th grades) skiing trip has specific insurance for this activity. On the other hand, the Municipal Institute of Health of the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District (Institut Municipal de la Salut) is the coordinator in charge of the pertinent medical examinations of the students. It is also in charge of vaccinations in sixth grade: hepatitis A, chickenpox, meningococcus (MCC) and human papilloma (HPV, only in girls).

Due to Covid-19, everything related to health is closely linked and followed with instructions received by the Department of Education (Departament d’Educació) and the Department of Health (Departament de Salut).

School health guidelines

It is important to know the health guidelines of the school. When a child arrives at school with a transmissible disease, it exposes other students to the danger of infection. Therefore, any child with any of the following symptoms should not attend school:

Fever, with temperatures above 37ºC
Acute or infectious diarrheal processes
Repeated vomiting
Infections in the mouth
Rashes and other alterations to the skin
Untreated infectious conjunctivitis

However, the assistance of students who report a diagnosis of a non-infectious disease by a pediatrician, will be accepted.

In the event that the presence of lice is detected in your child’s head, the tutor must be notified immediately and the treatment started right away. The child’s attendance at school will be assessed during the following days.
In the case of open wounds, they must be properly disinfected and protected with gauze, bandages or equivalent.
If medication is ever required while the child is at school or has to go on a special diet, it is imperative that you specify in writing the name, schedule, and appropriate dosage along with a copy of your doctor’s prescription.
In case of illness, the family will be notified to pick up the student. Under no circumstances will any medication be given.

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