Safe school environment

Nausica is a neighborhood school and, with a few exceptions, most of the students who attend are residents of the Sant Gervasi neighborhood. In this sense, the educational project and the teaching staff of the school want the streets and intersections around the center to be safe and pleasant. Thus, having a safer school environment for children and their families respectively.

For this reason, we are promoting being a green school. Encouraging the school garden project and surrounding the school with a vertical garden made of ivy. Thus, minimize the noise of our environment. It is a priority goal, and at the same time we put our grain of sand by greening the city more, collaborating also in the Enverdim Barcelona project. The school is involved in two projects promoted by Barcelona City Council: the Camí Escolar (School Path project) and the Cooperant Viari (Road Cooperator project).

Camí Escolar (School Path project)

Project promoted by the Barcelona City Council. It aims for the children of the city to gain personal autonomy and quality of life while coming and going alone from school, walking in the park, going to sports centers, etc.

This goal is made clear by the creation of a signposted preferential traffic lane. Choice of the most used and safest routes for students.

The design and signage of the school road is the result of a study that consists of several phases and requires the participation of children, families and schools. In this sense, at Nausica we are fully committed to this project and grateful to be able to enjoy our school journey. However, we continue to work together to constantly improve and modify the project to make it consistent, effective, and complete.

Cooperant Viari (Projecte 2013-2016) (Road Cooperator)

Initiative of the Barcelona City Council that seeks a double goal: the integration into the job market of young people with intellectual disabilities and the improvement of road safety around schools.

The task of road cooperators is to observe and collect information on the habits of pedestrians and passengers during the hours of arrival and departure from school, whether on foot or by car.

The data is then analyzed by experts, teachers and students. And the relevant conclusions are drawn to encourage good mobility practices in the school environment.

From the 2016-2017 school year, we stopped enjoying the road cooperators who accompanied us at the entrance and exit of the school. From the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, almost five years ago we decided to centralize our efforts in the Kango! program. This program is to help students who travel by public transportation to school.

The experience of the Road Cooperator has been very positive and we maintain the will to participate in the program in case they re-implement it.

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