School PTA

The AFA (PTA) is the main association of parents of students at Nausica. It is the way for families to participate in the life of the school.

It is a non-profit association that works closely with the school’s educational team. The goal of our PTA is:

1. To support all parents, guardians, educators and students of the school with everything that refers to the education of all students.

2. To raise awareness, guide and promote the participation and collaboration of the school’s families.

3. To be a means of communication for the initiatives and suggestions of the families, for the improvement of the activities and services of the school.

4. To organize extracurricular activities, the end-of-year party and activities that promote knowledge among families.

Extracurricular activities

The school offers several extracurricular activities for students outside of school hours:

Noon (after lunch): Yoga, theater, chess and robotics, yoga and manga drawing

Afternoons (after school): Volleyball, football, sewing, motor games and sports gymnastics.


The gymkhana is a party for the whole family that is organized every year in May. The gymkhana will take place in the Parc de l’Hostal del Fum in Palau-Solità Plegamans from 9.30 am to 2 pm. Afterwards, a picnic is organised for anyone.

PTA party

It is the end-of-year party and is designed for both children and their families. It is held on a Saturday in June. The plays of all the students of the extracurricular theater from P5 to 6th grade are shown.

At 5:30 pm we have a snack and have fun with the whole Nausica family in the school yard.

Capicua magazine

Capicua is the annual magazine published in June that reflects activities, experiences and short stories that happened during the school year. It is complemented by an interview or with creative samples from the students.


The PTA of Nausica is an active, participatory and involved with the school and all its students association. To be a school in Barcelona is to be a school with initiative and our PTA has it. For this reason, to choose Nausica is to choose well, it is to choose an innovative and creative school.

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