ESO – Secondary Education

Els Arcs Foundation

From 1st to 4th of ESO (13-16 years), with a three line scheme school, all levels chartered by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government), at Escola Els Arcs.

Lys, Nausica and Peter Pan schools created the “ELS ARCS” Association, with the aim of offering a new space to teach ESO (Secondary Education). It consists of a group of schools with their own personality and ideology. In line with the best Catalan pedagogical tradition, backed by more than 25 years of work. Catalanness and Europeanism, pluralism and personalization, which are common heritage of these schools. A guarantee for the years of service offered and for this reason, they are insured in the new secondary school that these schools create and promote. For this reason, they are also guaranteed in the new Batxillerats (Upper Secondary Education), with its four modalities, and Training Cycles (VET, NHC) that are taught at CIC-Thau Batxillerats, an institution with a solid tradition in the field of education in our country and with which ELS ARCS Foundation has established a collaboration agreement.

The thinking behind Els Arcs Foundation

All the schools that are part of the Els Arcs Foundation are schools on a human scale: smaller for young children and bigger for older students, but never too big, to prevent them from being overcrowded and their personal identities lost, where students continue to be the protagonists of their learning.

Catalan, plural and personalizing schools.
Qualified staff and involved in the educational task, within the project for which they work.
Education aimed at harmonizing the highest degree of personal autonomy with the generous and necessary socialization.
Special emphasis on human and social values ​​and respect for the environment.
Solid knowledge of the contents of the Curriculum, emphasizing the procedural aspects (methods and work habits, organization and revision of work, order…)
The study of two foreign languages ​​in the common part of the Secondary curriculum: English and French.

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