The school and the neighborhood

At Nausica, we like to be an active part of the neighborhood and enjoy it on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, we carry out various activities beyond the school premises. Swimming classes, for example, are held at Santaló Pools. We move on foot as the journey is only five minutes. We also take advantage of Moragas Park, located two blocks from the school, as a regular play area for older school children.

Sometimes, we move to Turó Park and Monterols Park. Larger gardens where boys and girls can relax to the fullest. For a more academic assignment, we also visit interesting places in the neighborhood. The Galvany Market, where all kinds of food are sold. The Casa Sagnier, where various exhibitions and workshops are organized. In all, Sant Gervasi – Galvany has always been the neighborhood of Nausica; the place where it was born, in a small building on Tavern Street, and the place continues today with its activity.

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