Education in English

At Nausica, English, as a foreign language, is an important part of our educational offer, as in this globalized world communication is essential.

As a multilingual school, children begin to come into contact with the English language in P3. We consider that the earlier they first become familiar with it, the better. The evolution of learning is integrated gradually, naturally and respecting the rhythm of each child. In our school there are students whose first language is English or other different languages. This makes English even more important in our educational community.

English is taught in all skills. Listening, speaking, reading and writing, as they are all an active part of communication. This is done in different spaces through: games, stories, songs, performances, videos, small projects and platforms. Each year the children go to the theater in English. Theatre companies are strictly chosen on the premise that they must be native and consequently actors and actresses must be too. The plays are worked on before and after the show. This is how you get the most out of English teaching.

English worked in class in a special way

Arts & Crafts is taught in English in order to be able to use this language in a vehicular way from 3rd Grade upwards. On the other hand, it should be noted that Nausica, together with the schools that make up the Els Arcs Foundation and with the advice of the CIC, a recognized language school, are part of a project where communication is the fundamental axis of languages.

CAPS (Conversation Assistant Program for Schools), is a project that allows Kindergarten and Primary students to enjoy a native English-speaking conversation assistant. With native conversation assistants, children practice oral expression in small groups with active teaching dynamics. English is so important to us that every day all children from P3 onwards have an English session, either with the teacher or with the native conversation assistant.

It is worth mentioning that students of the Upper Primary Cycle (5th and 6th Grades) of Nausica have an English Week. These are one-week summer camps in English where all the monitors are native. They are young Irish university students who, with their good work, make our students practice English in a vehicular and fun way. Through exciting activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, cooperative games, adventure park, etc. In a campsite where living takes place in bungalows. This week is a total success, a real English experience!

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