Innovative school

Nausica is an innovative school. Learning is based on the student and not the teacher, as the student is the center. Classes revolve around students ’concerns. With our educational innovation we distance ourselves from the “one size fits all” model as it is written in our pedagogical project, from giving classes to an intermediate level to teaching them to all levels. Respecting the different levels of learning that are taking advantage of the knowledge of all our students.

At Nausica we have learning applied to real life. This way, students are able to understand how it is done and why it is done. Similarly, in order to assess this type of education, it is necessary to carry out a continuous assessment. Where continuous feedback can be provided between teacher-students that helps to progress.

Emotional education is part of Nausica’s innovative school project. Emotions should be included in the school on a daily basis. They are the beginning of learning. Acquiring new knowledge makes you feel, makes you learn and in that instant, it is when you feel that you grow, that you evolve.

As an innovative school, we cannot be left behind in the continuous changes that society is undergoing, which is why we define ourselves as an innovative school, open to change and in constant growth.

Understanding innovation as a process of improvement that ensures. Where each student develops to the maximum his/her abilities, achieves the necessary learnings and obtains all the possible knowledge.

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