Open school

Nausica school in Barcelona, ​​chartered and family-friendly, has always been and continues to be open in the broadest sense of the word. Open to families, open to the neighborhood, open to innovation; in short, open to the world and people.

A diverse and constantly changing world. Where we innovate to make good adaptations that improve our students’ development.

Open to families

The school is designed to always keep the door open. What does it mean?

– We will answer any questions you may have.

– You can walk your sons and daughters to the classroom door if you need to, although we recommend that you do it until the age of 4, to work on autonomy.

– You can talk to the classroom tutor every day.

– If you need to, you can talk to the cook.

– You have direct access to the school management.

Open to the neighborhood

In Nausica we like to enjoy the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi, its streets and gardens. Also providing the facilities so that at the same time that we enjoy the neighborhood our neighbors enjoy our school. Nausica is a school open to the neighborhood, in every way. That is why it hosts various activities, whether punctual or periodic. From the choir that carries out its weekly rehearsals in our premises or Yoga classes for adults, to the Casal de Gent Gran in Sant Ildefons (Senior club), which uses the school’s spaces for its dance performances.

In this sense, we want to offer once again our school grounds to those entities in the neighborhood that need a place to develop their activities. All you have to do is contact the school’s secretary and ask for a schedule. Nausica is open to the neighborhood.

School open to innovative teaching

At this time of paradigm shift in education, Nausica is an open school for innovative teaching starting with our teaching staff. But also with our educational and pedagogical project. Nausica is innovative in all areas. In this way, children and adolescents progress and evolve from new methodologies that encourage their growth from the beginning through:

Various methodologies (projects, learning spaces, etc.)
Active and experiential

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